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Lets Party!


Host an event that’s fun, elegant, and always unexpected. Bring your party to Meridian Lanes and experience social entertainment, tasty  menus, cocktails, and stellar service. Meridian Lane celebrations are active occasions where your kids, friends, or coworkers can bowl, eat, play, and party without ever missing a moment of the fun. Let our experienced team help throw you a party that will leave your guests excited, entertained, and anxious to return.

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Affordable Company Parties!


Bring the office, loosen that tie, swap those heels for bowling shoes, and get ready for corporate events that rock the cubicle. Our company parties and team building events are so much fun and customizable to your needs and company’s size. Corporate events at Meridian Lanes combine the classic ambiance of an evening cocktail hour with competitive fun of live sport. This will be the office party that everyone will remember.


Tasty Menu 

Affordable Drink Menu

Party Coordinator

Custom Bowling or Dart Games

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Birthday Parties!


Have a bowling birthday bash with Meridian Lanes and spare yourself the party planning headache! Bring the kids to our place, let them have a ball, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from experienced party professionals who help coordinate your child’s big day. We make the party experience as easy, convenient, and fun as possible—with bumper bowling and kid-friendly menus.


Easy Booking

Tasty Menu

Bumpers & Lightweight Balls

Party Prep and Clean Up

Safe, Active, Fun!

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Adult & Holiday Parties!


Party time? We’re ready to roll! Meridian Lanes parties are epic, interactive celebrations that come to life on the lanes. If it is a holiday event, a church party, or just a bunch of friends having fun, you know it’s going to be the perfect storm of high-fives, good times, and newly minted laneside nicknames. Add some great food and fun drink options and this get together will be hashtag worthy. #bestpartyever


Tasty Menu

A Variety of Beverage Options

Experienced Event Specialists

Custom Bowling or Dart Games

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Party Planning Information

How important is the headcount when planning my party?

One word: Very! We want to make every party special, which means we rely on your headcount to determine things like your lanes/party space, the amount of food, and any added staff we may need to make your event the absolute best it can be. Remember, we can always accommodate more guests if space allows, so give us your best estimate and stay in touch with our team!

When is the best time to schedule my party?

We will work to accommodate your birthday party, corporate event or adult party with your busy schedule. Speak with our team of professionals and we’ll design a celebration that fits your needs.

I know some establishments “pre-set” shoes for an event… why don’t you do that?

Simple—because we care about you. It’s true. We avoid pre-setting shoes because it forces your guests to search around for their right size. That takes time—time that you could be bowling! So instead, we have all of our guests simply visit the front desk and ask for their size in person.

What staff will be available to ensure our party event goes off without a hitch?

Our lane servers! They’re here to help you with everything from imputing your name into the scoring systems to making sure you have a steady stream of stellar food and drink from our laneside menus. All events receive exceptional guest care from our team.

Are there any activities besides bowling that we can add to our party?

Of course—bowling is just the beginning! Our venue features a host of activities that you can enjoy off the lanes, we feature arcade games, billiards, electronic darts, video games and prize games. Give us a call and learn more about all the fun features available at Meridian Lanes.

We may end up having too much fun—can we stay longer once our party officially ends?

We know what you mean—once you hit the lanes and start having fun, it’s pretty hard to stop! We’d love to keep the party going, so as long as availability permits, you can always add more games on the day of your event. Just ask our team and we will connect you with our on-site sales staff; they’ll be more than happy to assist you!

What if I want bumpers during the event? (We expect a lot of gutterballs.)

Then bumpers you shall have (kids only)! Bumpers are available and can be requested at any time—right up through when you show up for your event. If you haven’t completed your reservation already, just indicate your request for bumpers in the “additional information” box of the Guest Info section.


I’m a chef/my friend’s a chef/I know this great caterer, so... Can I bring in my own food & drinks?

You know that we’d love to accommodate, but unfortunately, no outside food or beverage is allowed into our venues with the exception of birthday cakes. We do this to ensure the health and safety of all our guests (since so many people these days have allergies, we want to limit the possibility of anyone experiencing a preventable allergic reaction from an outside ingredient). Plus... have you tried our food? That’s something we wouldn’t want to deny anyone!

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